Long Lost

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

It was a chilly night and covered with mist all the way,

She wore a coat and headed down the street,

On the way she met a man who was very kind and sweet,

Excuse me he said,

Where does this road lead?

She replied oh I too have lost my way and I am not sure what to say,

They looked at each other and smiled,

Have I seen you before Sir?

He replied I don’t recall your face,

It’s funny that I feel so,

The man was probably in his middle age,

Where do you want to go, he asked?

She smiled and said I have to reach my home,

He said my home used to be here many years ago,

But now I am not sure where they stay,

She asked, Sir is your family close here?

He replied yes, I lost them years ago,

Oh My! she said I too lost my father ages ago,

I was a small baby and can’t remember his face,

But he left me a bracelet which to remember him by,

The man saw the bracelet and was shocked,

You are my daughter he said,

She was overjoyed,

Oh Father! This is so great,

I was searching for you every single day,

I am glad I found you,

Both of them had so much to say,

They happily made their way down the street,

But this time they were lost together….


Story of Life

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Life ! An ocean of possibilities,

A string of relationships,

A beautiful confusion to be sorted by decisions,

An obstacle crossing course,

Life! A desperation to survive for many,

A monotonous routine,

Life! a Trail of discovery and learning,

An unexpected surprise which every now and then arises,

Lies to be confronted by truth,

To some it is the thirst for power and greed,

Life! A combination of all the emotions put into an individual’s story……

Imaginary City

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Two people set on their way to discover and gain the fame,

To discover an unknown city,

As they went ahead they lost their way,

The map all old and faded ,

With nothing or no one to help they used their instincts,

Finally they reached a big tree the roots were deep and old,

This was the first point to the unknown city,

They lay beneath the tree for shade,

They continued their journey from there,

The sound of water could be heard nearby,

This was the second point,

They reached the beautiful waterfall,

And had a quick swim to feel refreshed,

They saw a old boat lying at the corner,

They got on the boat and paddled their way,

Behind the waterfall was an open space,

Leading to a different world,

There were modern buildings,

Modern architecture,

Flying cars and take away in air,

Was this the future they had come to,

They were surprised,

They came back out of the waterfall to make sure they can go back to their real world,

When they tried to re-enter the waterfall again something was different,

This time the city had vanished in thin air to never be found again…..