The Mysterious Man

A man with a hood over his head and a paper bag in his hand,

Running through the streets met another man, they greeted each other

From there he went to a lonely street which was dark but had only one shop which was seen,

He stopped at the shop around the corner and picked a few things,

Some chocolates, some bread and something to drink,

a blanket, a pillow and some clean water and some other few things,

Then rushed and crossed the main road only to lead to another lonely street,

It was a cold night and there was fire pit lit everywhere,

He walked and walked for a mile till he reached where the homeless sleep,

An old man and a small girl were asleep and shivering with cold

The man silently kept the packet with all the food and the drinks and left the street,

Next day morning the girl and the old man got up with a smile and wondered

who had helped them in such a time,

They thanked their stars and prayed and felt overjoyed for they had not eaten for a very long time…