Life’s Truth

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There are times in life when you feel completely lost,

You don’t know which direction to take,

There is no sign board to guide you through this road,

Goals seem far away to achieve,

You are trying your best to go on anyway,

Hoping there is some light somewhere,

People don’t make it easy for you either,

A million things are said,

You gather all strengths and face them boldly,

Days , months pass away and still no success,

You fall down with vain,

But somehow you hold on to something or someone who will share your pain,

Life seems a bit better as you are not alone now,

The journey is going to be tough you know you have to take tough decisions,

Life comes to a stand still and you take a moment to think and breathe,

Plan all there is to achieve that is beyond,

Know that life is tough and there will be obstacles in the way,

But someday you will get what you deserve,

Because hard work always pays….


The Differences

Two sisters lived together,

One of them was intelligent the other one had her own ability which was never showcased,

The parents encouraged the intelligent one, and left the other one,

They never tried to understand the other one, she felt alone

She struggled and had failures along the way, she cried and was left in vain,

She was made fun off and discouraged one day she decided to rise up and prove herself that she was also good in her own way,

But things never changed the differences continued,

She gave up but in vain and thought I am happy as I am, and walked away only to never look back to this day…

Truth Above All

Their Dreams are unfulfilled , their failure is a success for some,

Others put them down with no hesitation, selfishness and greed takes over kindness,

Power takes the highest role, simplicity is no where to be found,

Their struggles never seem to end for them truth holds the highest key,

Mediocrity is saluted, they have no say and yet they dare to dream in this world,

They want to achieve great heights but obstacles lie,

No one seems to understand them, yet their strength never dies

They realize they are very few like them who are still very kind and still believe in the truth,

So, they keep going and that makes the difference…

Pinch of Salt

Life as we know it can bring happiness or sadness it is how we deal with the situation is important. With a “pinch of salt” move ahead and achieve your goals no matter what come may. Try to find ways to challenge yourself and make the task at hand even harder so that even if you fall you know you have set the bar high and don’t feel completely disappointed about achieving the goal at a bar of 50-60% you know you tried your best.

Find happiness in the smallest of things and move on to venture further climbs explore your creativity and imagination and introspect areas where you know you will thrive. Identify those strengths and weaknesses and strike them one by one on the list. Trust me when you strike the strike on your list you will feel amazing.

So the next time you feel down say to yourself will take it with a “pinch of salt” 🙂