Life’s Truth

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There are times in life when you feel completely lost,

You don’t know which direction to take,

There is no sign board to guide you through this road,

Goals seem far away to achieve,

You are trying your best to go on anyway,

Hoping there is some light somewhere,

People don’t make it easy for you either,

A million things are said,

You gather all strengths and face them boldly,

Days , months pass away and still no success,

You fall down with vain,

But somehow you hold on to something or someone who will share your pain,

Life seems a bit better as you are not alone now,

The journey is going to be tough you know you have to take tough decisions,

Life comes to a stand still and you take a moment to think and breathe,

Plan all there is to achieve that is beyond,

Know that life is tough and there will be obstacles in the way,

But someday you will get what you deserve,

Because hard work always pays….


Getting Nowhere

The constant pressure of our daily lives,

Our jobs which take most of our time,

We wonder if it gives us some satisfaction,

A feeling of accomplishment,

At the end of the day you are too tired even to speak,

Besides the fact that it pays your monthly bills,

You are trapped in the vicious circle,

No matter how hard you to try to get out,

Circumstances pull you back to where you start,

The robotic life may seem exciting to many,

But its following the line of uncertainty,

The work politics can be overbearing,

Where your individualism and your creativity are deep buried…..


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Its a difficult time,

Especially for those,

Whose daily livelihood has been taken away,

Who have their monthly bills to be paid,

Food to be purchased,

Organizations have decided their fate,

Searching and trying to find a new one,

Misery is bound to make fun,

They try and fail,

Upskilling helps so they study further and make their way,

With a positive mind they keep trying,

Not giving up they reach their glory,

Success stories of these people can be read nowadays,

They are the ones who motivate others to try the same,

Help those in need in anyway,

Gratitude for what you have goes a long way,

So, don’t compare with others,

These are desperate times,

We must understand the value of what we have and cherish it in every way….

Ocean Moods

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Our minds like the ocean waves,

With turbulence seems angry and lashed out,

Low tides a symbol of sadness,

High tides excitement follows,

Calmness like the still water,

Clarity in the form of clear and pure,

Struggles like storms at ocean,

Its chaos in our minds and uncertainty,

Erratic weather,

Lost ships at ocean with losing our minds,

Hopes with the weather clearing,

Tomorrow like the calm ocean,

Success like the sun that peeks from the clouds and shines…


The harsh truth of survival,

The struggle of day to day life,

A penny hardly worth a days food,

They run from place to place to survive,

The poor conditions of their living,

The desperation to live,

The struggles and misery on their faces,

Is definitely hard to miss,

The wrinkles on their forehead,

The desperation seen in their eyes,

The anxiety and stress overbears them,

Their journey of life seems a harsh way to survive……

The Pain of Loss

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A cloud of sadness surrounds her,

With drops of tears trickling down her cheek,

Her eyes swollen for not having slept,

She mourns the loss of her child,

A child connected with her whose presence she felt,

The bond till birth and beyond was broken,

A chord of invisibility within her which was a strong bond of love,

She couldn’t bear the pain and agony,

For she would have cared for the child like none other,

The child was gone she felt helpless and alone,

Now she finds it difficult to survive on her own…

The Differences

Two sisters lived together,

One of them was intelligent the other one had her own ability which was never showcased,

The parents encouraged the intelligent one, and left the other one,

They never tried to understand the other one, she felt alone

She struggled and had failures along the way, she cried and was left in vain,

She was made fun off and discouraged one day she decided to rise up and prove herself that she was also good in her own way,

But things never changed the differences continued,

She gave up but in vain and thought I am happy as I am, and walked away only to never look back to this day…