Battle for Survival

There is a constant need to prove oneself better,

In doing so one forgets the other’s feelings,

Insecurities takes over,

How much would you run behind superficial fame,

What would you do with so much power and name,

The monotonous robotic lives still remain,

Accepting however the society demands you to be,

A constant battle for survival,

Competition to be the best,

In doing so stepping on the rest,

When does one stop to think if this is all worth it,

Only then you realize,

You have only one person to prove that is yourself and no other…



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When time came to a standstill,

There was silence everywhere,

Streets empty,

Absolute isolation,

Not a soul to be seen,

Survival was tough,

Fear had taken over,

Four walls were closing in,

And stranded with no place to go,

When time came to a standstill,

No laughter was heard,

Playgrounds empty,

The whole world came to a halt..

A Storm

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The dark clouds were rounding up,

From the bright light it was a gloom now,

There was a sudden quiet on the streets,

Was it this because of the coming storm,

The strong gushing winds, the dancing trees,

Windows and doors slamming,

The sounds were echoing across the streets,

The Storm was coming, The Storm was coming

All those caught in it now waiting for it to pass…

Hear Me….My Actions Speak

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I communicate through my hands,

I cannot speak,

I express through my eyes,

I spoke so much today,

Can you hear my message clearly?

Please say….

I am proud of what I have achieved,

Please don’t take pity on me,

I am no different than you are,

But my struggle is my own,

But still I will ensure the ends meet,

I will survive and make it on my own..

The Cold Night

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Her hands trembled with cold shivers,

The fog the only blanket she wore,

A cold night was just the beginning of her misery,

Stale food of last days cold and tasteless now,

A number of shadows walking past her,

None could see and feel her plight,

It was one of those miserable cold nights..

March Ahead

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They marched towards their home,

In pairs of two’s in a long straight line,

Searching for food crumbs along the way,

Disciplined and strict are they,

Hardworking with no time to stop,

They gather heavy loads and each of them plays a part,

Its a difficult job they have,

Forming colonies that range in size,

Their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves

Makes them unique and one of a kind…


The harsh truth of survival,

The struggle of day to day life,

A penny hardly worth a days food,

They run from place to place to survive,

The poor conditions of their living,

The desperation to live,

The struggles and misery on their faces,

Is definitely hard to miss,

The wrinkles on their forehead,

The desperation seen in their eyes,

The anxiety and stress overbears them,

Their journey of life seems a harsh way to survive……

A Letter

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Dear life,

How are you doing?

Are you frustrated in the four walls?

Or do you keep things going,

Do you envy the birds that fly high in the sky?

Beyond closed doors how does one feel alive,

Have you forgotten the feeling of fresh air?

The summer showers which once was a joy,

Now we sit behind the window and just watch it pass by,

The beautiful places that we plan to visit,

Now is something impossible to try,

Dear Life,

In times of uncertainty,

How does one still continue to enjoy?

Perhaps, it’s the ray of hope that keeps us alive….

Desert Beast

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Carrying huge burden,

He lifts up his load with ease,

Crossing the vast desert land,

Traveling long journeys without water to drink,

Through the intense heat you never fall,

You give me a sense of comfort,

Without you I wont survive the harsh lands,

Your skin golden as the desert sands,

When you tire you stop under the shade of the trees,

Feeding on plants and desert leaves,

Sand dunes don’t stop you,

You go on and strive,

Oh, mighty one that’s why you are called the “ship of the desert”

All hail! Its the desert beast..