Sweet Burst

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Rosy with blush on your cheek,

Divine delicious taste,

Swirling in the mouth wanting more,

Freshness with a burst of flavor,

No one can resist you,

Those who can will never know what they are missing …..


Burst of Flavors

The bitter sourness of the lemon hits you as you taste,

To the sweetness of that oozing chocolate sauce with nuts and ice-cream,

Melted to create that awesome taste,

The spiciness of a chilli burning up your mouth,

That hot sauce that mixes to create that smoke,

To the tanginess of the tamarind,

The aroma of all the mixes mixed well,

The pungent smell of the onion,

The tears that come with it,

The melted cheese making its way out of the patty,

The gigantic burger which doesn’t fit anymore in your tummy,

The coolness of the cucumber and mint,

The taste of all these amazing flavors,

Gives a burst to all the colors and flavors of life….