True self

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She stood still in the moment,

The camera captured her as she smiled,

At the corner of her eye was a tear waiting to come by,

The clicking sound started to hurt even more,

Someone who she isn’t she had to portray to the world outside,

She had to show she was strong and bold,

The world knew her to be so,

Inside she wanted to burst out and be free,

Away from all the people and all the empty lies,

She rushed and closed the door,

Droplets of tears dropped on the floor,

But she smiled for here there was no one to judge,

She was alone but still felt free,

And continued smiling even in this misery…


Silent Tears

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Withholding it not knowing when they would flow,

Looks like small drops well settled at the corner of the eye,

Waiting to make their way down,

Sadness has brought them,

Now they refuse to go,

No matter how much you control they decide to flow,

People say once they flow your heart feels light,

But these are tears way old and dry,

Holding them back so long,

Now I have finally decided to let them out and cry….


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There was panic and chaos in the air,

People running from everywhere,

The ground shook and shattered the windows,

The buildings were unsteady,

Came down with force,

Families lost their homes,

All their belongings were gone,

Screams and noises and cries were heard ,

Thick smog of dust in the air,

Hearts filled with despair…


Let go of the fear that holds you back,

Let go of the tear and replace it with a smile,

Let go of the procrastination and go do it,

Let go of the past not worth pursuing,

Let go of all the hurtful things people said,

Derive strength from your weakness,

Let in only those in your life who are worth your time,

As quoted by Paulo Coelho “Nobody is worth your tears, and the one who is won’t make you cry.”

The Lonely Child

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Her clothes were untidy,

Her cheeks had black blush on them,

She looked up and smiled but had a slight drop of tear in her eye,

No food, No where to sleep she says,

No where to go,

Her hands were overworked and there was no glow,

She wandered the streets all alone,

For there was no sight of relief or home,

Tyre’s and bags were her toys,

Bricks and stones were her life,

Her feet was bare with no shoes to protect,

She had no money to buy,

But still she laughed and smiled ,

She had nothing in life but still she had it all…..

Forever Gone

The news arrived followed with tears in her eyes,

She was gasping for breath,

His voice was echoing in her ears,

She had spoken to him a day before,

Anxious to get back to his home,

To be greeted by his wife and child,

She sobbed and was still as a rock,

Couldn’t eat or sleep,

Her hands trembled and her body was in pain,

She had not moved an inch in vain,

Her eyes swollen of not having slept,

The person closest to her had gone,

Never to return again….

Tears of Pain

Drops of tears falling down the cheek,

What caused this pain one may not speak,

Cleansing the wounds of the troubled,

These tears don’t make you weak,

It gives you the strength that you need,

Tears of past or present pain,

Tears of anger and hate, Heart filled with sadness

Lonely you cry and feel away,

World does not seem to understand your pain,

It is difficult to stop you now,

You fight alone to this day,

No shoulder to cry on, or to make you feel at bay,

How do i make you go away?

You have decided to stay,

A smile is just what you need to make those tears go away,

You are difficult to explain but yet you make me feel light once you come away,

Oh stop now ! I have to overcome the pain and move on with my life again…