Changing Times

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When I sit to gather my thoughts,

Some distractions block my thoughts,

The phone rings continuously,

Remembering those childhood days,

When a rock was my playing space,

No technology just simple play,

Getting hands dirty in the mud,

Playing outside all day,

But now things have changed,

Children play indoors with their phones,

Tablets with various games,

The childhood memories will always stay with me,

I wonder what the next generation will say,

Will they will have any memories to share…


Been Replaced

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Over the years I have been replaced,

Now I lay low at the corner,

Accumulating dust,

I used to be the morning wake up call,

As soon as I would hit the door I would be read,

Now a new gadget has taken my place,

And is the talk of the town,

People seem to be addicted to it,

It’s just a screen that one has to scroll,

I was so easy to hold,

With each page telling a story,

News from all over the world,

Variety of subjects,

Now I am old and gone,

Only few read me,

I guess it’s time for me to go,

Times are changing and so must I….