Emptiness and a feeling of belonging nowhere,

Trying to find that steady hold on to something,

Trying to cope up with things life throws at me,

I just seem to be living day by day,

Going with the flow as they say,

With each passing day as the time passes by,

Until one day I will realize I haven’t lived my life at all


Time Away#Life

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The time seems to be ticking away,

Long work hours are here to stay,

Just a moment of silence and a deep breathe,

A feeling of peace and calmness is what I get,

For a minute all stops and halts,

No worries no stress,

Its time to be with myself and do the thing I love,

Away from the hustle and bustle,

Just my space and my time away….


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When time came to a standstill,

There was silence everywhere,

Streets empty,

Absolute isolation,

Not a soul to be seen,

Survival was tough,

Fear had taken over,

Four walls were closing in,

And stranded with no place to go,

When time came to a standstill,

No laughter was heard,

Playgrounds empty,

The whole world came to a halt..

Time Gone

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Through the hour glass,

As I watched the grains of sand filter flow,

Time seems to be seeping away quickly,

Hold on I say!

But time never seems to stop anyway,

This moment I hold and feel precious about,

The happiness that needs to stay,

With the time gone,

Seems to be slipping away,

I stare into the void of nothingness,

Having no clue,

But its true,

Every time the grain moves downwards,

The closer I get to reality….

Essence of Time

Tick Tock its half past ten,

Time flew so fast i didn’t realize then,

What has happened cannot be changed,

For time gone will never come again,

Every minute is important and plan your time wisely,

Make a difference and see the change,

As we organize ourselves and contribute in a big way,

For time does not stand still for anyone what come may!!!

If Only We Could

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If we could turn back time would we change the decisions we made,

Would we avoid making those mistakes again,

Could a tragedy have been avoided,

If we could turn back time when life was much simpler,

Could we have saved a loved one,

Could we have avoided all the pain,

Would we have enjoyed every moment much more knowing things will change,

If we could turn back time will life ever be the same….