The Memory

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on

There is an image in my head of the travels I made,

Which shouldn’t have come to an end,

There is an image in my head of my favorites ones I visited,

A memory still so fresh,

There is an image of the village I visited,

The country life I enjoyed,

The beautiful nature and spaces,

That calmness that comes by,

There is an image in my head of the river that flows and the sound which is a feeling one cannot deny,

The ever so long journeys on the road,

The pictures the scenic view that one enjoys,

The people we connect and meet and the learning experiences,

Definitely something worthwhile…



Hunter-Gatherers in search of food and water make their way,

Dressed in a distinct way they move in small groups from one place to another,

With their ancient hunting skills at place,

They hide behind the bushes to attack their prey,

Walking miles and miles in a day they remain isolated from others than their own,

The ancient origin is their self identity,

They speak multiple languages fluently,

The elders make up the village clan and are represented by a village chief,

They are nomadic and travel for days on their feet,

Pottery shows their culture traits,

They live in thatched huts surrounded by the dense jungle,

Bows and arrows their hunting tool, they live a simple life

Their way of living maybe ancient and out of place,

They have their pride and honor above all and live their own way….

The Traveller

A man went on a journey leaving his current world to another,

Crossed different galaxies and planets,

He travelled fast and through space, only to reach a new place,

It was his planet in the past only looked a bit different ,

He explored the place suddenly saw a familiar face,

It was himself but at a younger age, he hid himself as he didn’t want to disrupt the time space,

He followed the boy for sometime until he reached an open space,

It was the cricket ground the man used to play, other children were too present there ,

He couldn’t recognize any of them from a distance away, suddenly a voice called out to the boy,

It was his mom shouting out from nearby, the man followed the boy in anticipation to see his parents as they stayed nearby,

As he got closer to his home he remembered a memory at this time and place,

The man saw a tree which had a carving on it which said “you will visit again”

It was like the man as a boy knew he will come back here again and had left a message to explain,

The man moved ahead following the boy again and held his breathe and wished there was someone there,

The door opened and the boy entered and the man could only see a bit of the person’s face,

he moved closer only to find different people there, he was shocked and in vain

Maybe in this timeline his parents weren’t there yet again, the man moved away and began to head back to his world,

Only to travel again till he finds his true parents again….