Making Sense

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There are things that make sense and those that dont,

The more you think about it, you seem lost on your own,

It is your world and there is the reality,

The things you are taught and the things you learn on your own,

Everything has a meaning, maybe just a hint of what’s coming your way,

Just stick to your path and dont move away,

Dont give up if things dont go your way,

You are stronger than you think,

It will take time but things will surely fall your way..


Unexpected Swings

Mood swings like the waves in an ocean,

Drowning in the depth of uncertainty,

A moment of happiness,

To the sudden burst of tears,

Anger and anxiety,

To the feeling of serenity and calmness,

Amidst the fog of no clarity,

If life can be uncertain,

So, can be the circle of uncertain moods making its rounds whenever it feels…..