The Bridge

The cracks spoke a story, Ancient and old, The bridge that was used to cross by many, Was now standing alone, The voyages and the path, Travelled by those few, The visitors admiring the splendid view, The river that flow beneath once had boats passing by, For trade and survival this was the only means […]


Way down the stream, The water is at its peak, Caught in the waves I swirl around, The stream ahead joins the sea, I am eager to reach the bigger waters, From there on I reach the shores, Where it is safe for me, On my way, I catch the eye of young children playing […]

The Ocean Beckons….

The winds blew towards the shore, Announcing its coming, The tides raising and falling, The moon a mirror of reflection on the water gleaming, Twinkling of the stars in the sky, Shimmering sparkles of the sand, The sound of the ocean waves the cool breeze across my face, A fishing boat far away, A small […]

Fly Away

They Fly high, they fly low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, Spreading their wings across the sky, Making a pattern line wise, Flying over the lakes like a breeze trying to catch a meal, Over the valleys and the streams, they make their nests in the tallest trees, They make chirping and whistling sounds, The morning […]

The Barren Lands

In the desert in the vast sand dunes and empty landscape, With no rain the heat never ceases thereby hurting the feet, For miles and miles nowhere to rest and only warm sandy breeze, Beneath the blazing sun the cactus flowers bloom, The trees are barren, High up in the sky I see hawks circling […]

Summer Showers

A cold wind blows bringing the smell of wet mud, The plants and trees welcome the rain, Dancing and rejoicing the coming of showers, Water drops on the leaves sparkling like a jewel, The sky roaring and warning of the showers coming, The light striking as though a click through a camera, A breath of […]

Drops of Joy

The soft pitter-patter on the window, Looks like pearls in a necklace, The rain trickles light and then slowly increases throughout the night Huge puddles of water where you can see your reflection, People enjoying the first rain and dancing along the way, The sound of rain makes you feel relaxed and calm, The leaves […]

The Beautiful View

Two streams flowing down the sloping sides, Gently flowing into the rushing river tides, Twisted and curved along the lines, Clear and transparent, A shine on the surface of water in the light, Catching the eye of the passers by, Admiring the beauty of the two streams flowing nearby…

The Elegance

Moving swiftly dancing along the way, Potraying elegance in every movement, Majestic and beautiful, They land with their wings flapping, Their slender long neck, Making it easy to catch their prey, Together always, Never been apart, Their reflection in water as they sway their way, Magnificent swans and their beauty, Words wouldn’t do justice, Till […]

The Ship of No Return

A voyage which no one thought would be their last, The sheer size of the ship gigantic and enormous, The safest ships of all, But that feeling didn’t last longer, A monstrous white sheet of ice, The collision caused the hull plates to buckle inwards along her starboard, Flooding the ship all along deck by […]