It quenches your thirst,

Colorless, transparent and odorless,

It forms the seas, lakes, and rivers

Creating joy to those who wait for it at harvest,

Brings comfort to those lost in the barren lands,

Till the last drop that touches the lips,

To wash away sins of past and present life,

To the dancing of the trees rejoicing the rain,

To the greens of the forests that breathe life,

A drop is so precious without which none of us can survive….



A small village had a well,

Old and weathered but a unique one,

Filled with water and stones at the bottom,

The villagers believed it was a lucky well,

Anyone who drew water from it,

Would get all the good luck at once,

The villagers would pray day and night and thank the well,

One morning a villager went to drink water,

He stood shocked water had gone,

He assembled everyone,

The villagers panicked and wondered what went wrong,

Where had all the water gone?

Maybe it dried up with no rains for so long,

Time froze for them,

With the well gone the villagers had no clue how to move on…



Hunter-Gatherers in search of food and water make their way,

Dressed in a distinct way they move in small groups from one place to another,

With their ancient hunting skills at place,

They hide behind the bushes to attack their prey,

Walking miles and miles in a day they remain isolated from others than their own,

The ancient origin is their self identity,

They speak multiple languages fluently,

The elders make up the village clan and are represented by a village chief,

They are nomadic and travel for days on their feet,

Pottery shows their culture traits,

They live in thatched huts surrounded by the dense jungle,

Bows and arrows their hunting tool, they live a simple life

Their way of living maybe ancient and out of place,

They have their pride and honor above all and live their own way….

Creature of the sea

Beneath the deep blue waters of the sea,

Something lurks around the dark corner,

With umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles,

Armed with stinging cells to fight of their enemy,

Catching prey and illuminating the dark spots as it pushes the threats away,

Hurting anyone that stands in the way,

Swept to the shores at times it dies once it reaches there,

An excellent swimmer they say, the creature can be dangerous in many ways

Many other creatures also exist with this creature but makes this one more dominant,

All hail !! Its the creature of the sea…..


The Ocean’s Fury

Out in the ocean the storm descended upon us,

It was a brutal night as the sun disappears,

Secure the sails called out the captain, the nature’s force wreaks fury on the ship,

the ship was sinking one could hear the screams of the families cry out,

They were all washed overboard, trembling waves brought them down

they shivered and trembled from the frozen cold water one last look at the ship go down,

They were at the bottom of the ocean and no one to help them they were gone..

The Cave

It was a beautiful sunny morning with a cup of coffee in my hand,

I heard a sound at my door it was the post man ,

It was a letter from my friend who wanted to trek nearby,

I agreed and asked all of them to come by,

The day finally came when we started our trek,

We went deep into the forest and followed a path,

After many hours of trekking we realized it was getting dark ,

As we made our way back we saw a huge line of bats,

It was a cave we decided to rest for the night,

The cave was dark we used our lights to brighten the place,

As we all started sharing our stories of our adventures,

we realized one of them had gone missing or might have ventured ,

As we began to search we went deeper into the cave, we could hear water nearby

and decided to drink some as the water we had got had run dry,

We found the missing friend, She showed us a way which exited the cave,

We followed her till we reached a place which had writings and drawings of an ancient place,

It was majestic and artistic we began to see each one closely ,

Before we knew it , it was the next day

the sun was shining and it was time for us to go away…


The Village

Across a muddy road and ‘O er the hills and plains lies a quaint village,

The air was fresh, breathing out the fragrances of recent rain,

Found myself lost in the beauty of nature O listen! what a beautiful sound

the cuckoo bird sings along a welcome to the travellers from far away and beyond,

Nev’r will you ev’r feel this calmness anywhere,

A house made with a thatched roof with straw or branches of palm trees gives a rustic feel ,

Moving along there are many rice fields with small streams and ponds nearby,

Cattle or sheep grazing in the pasture, while the farmer works in the fields

The climate surrounding the village is always pleasant,

Sky is so blue and the clouds are as white as pearls,

There is no sign of the city life the air is so pure,

A certain spiritual serenity among the magnificent rural landscapes,

I leave this place with a feeling of content until the next time….

The Stormy Sea

The boat was sailing at sea when the gusts of wind came howling at me,

Waves were twisting and turning and storm began to grow,

The boat shook from side to side, people were scared to be thrown,

Screams could be heard, the captain was trying to keep everyone calm,

Thunder and lightening were on the dark seas,

The light of the lightening was the only light that could be seen,

We were far away from the main land, no island and nothing in between,

Oh let this stormy night pass, for people were getting sick at sea

Then suddenly i heard a voice waking me up in between,

It was morning and a beautiful day i took a deep breathe and realized it was all just a dream…

The Unknown Twin

She had a smile across her face she saw something familiar,

The water was crystal clear and brought a tear,

She stared for hours for it made her excited to see herself,

Strange thing she wondered what it was, was it her twin?

She admired her beauty and charm,

For she had no mirror to look at for so long,

She moved her hand back and forth keeping one eye on her new friend,

And wondered, how can this person do exactly the same thing,

It was a fun game and she spent most of her time playing it,

Her reflection in water began to glow with the light and she found it a pretty sight,

Now she must go home and tell her parents about her day,

About how she met the most amazing person today!