Wild Rose

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

The wild rose that grows besides the stream,

The water that gently flows,

Welcoming the blooming of the bud,

The wonderful fragrance of freshness,

The mesmerizing color,

The wildness and the beauty of the rose,

Set in between the green deep forests,

Growing wild but magnificent,

The wild rose brings in the good news of season change,

Engrossed in its charm one cannot look away and miss…


Wild Beauty

Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on Pexels.com

Your beauty is one that captures the eye,

You are one of those born in the wild and provide tender love,

Around you the air feels calm and light,

The month that brings you in,

Brings the light of joy,

The sweetest fragrance of all the flowers that bloom,

The winner among all is you,

You wear the majestic crown among all,

So pink like a blushed cheek,

As though shyness comes over you,

The petals may wither away over time,

But memories are here to stay……


A coat of black fur or black spots set against a dark background,

In full sunlight the faint spotted pattern of the coat may emerge,

Darkness is his advantage,

He walks in the shadows with the mysterious dark eyes set gazed,

Slipping between the trees no sound to be heard,

As he paces eyeing its prey,

Upon the animal he attacks,

His claws sharp as fangs,

Extremely vicious,

A warning at sight,

Carefully then disappearing into the night…