Wings to Fly

The gentle breeze whispers to me, Come fly with me, The breeze sways and takes me with it, My feet above the ground I fly, The sky has never looked more beautiful and clearer, The clouds waving me goodbye, Over the trees and the green valleys, The water blue a reflection of the sky, The […]

The Winds I hear you !!

Owe it to the wind to bring in some good news, The smell of the flowers to the ocean breeze, The fluttering and dancing of the trees, The sound of children playing in the fields, To the shiny sparkling water of the reflection of oneself is seen, Owe it to the wind passing by, Words […]

Fly Away

They Fly high, they fly low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, Spreading their wings across the sky, Making a pattern line wise, Flying over the lakes like a breeze trying to catch a meal, Over the valleys and the streams, they make their nests in the tallest trees, They make chirping and whistling sounds, The morning […]

Summer Showers

A cold wind blows bringing the smell of wet mud, The plants and trees welcome the rain, Dancing and rejoicing the coming of showers, Water drops on the leaves sparkling like a jewel, The sky roaring and warning of the showers coming, The light striking as though a click through a camera, A breath of […]

A Storm

The dark clouds were rounding up, From the bright light it was a gloom now, There was a sudden quiet on the streets, Was it this because of the coming storm, The strong gushing winds, the dancing trees, Windows and doors slamming, The sounds were echoing across the streets, The Storm was coming, The Storm […]

I Breathe…

There is something in the air today I can feel it, Is it the smell of fresh grass ? Or the smell of blooming flowers, Is it the scent of wet mud, The gentle winds blowing towards me nudging me slightly, Is it the fog that I walk through, Is it the pure air I […]

The Old Cottage

A small cottage lay in the forest, Surrounded by streams, Enclosed between tall trees, Chimney smokes, Whistles heard, Smell of food, When wind blew across, It would open the windows, Bang the doors creating a loud noise, Inside the cottage was a cozy fire place, Where one could sit around, An old couch with a […]


Running with the wind, the manes touch the sky, The hoof beats in a rhythm, Galloping over the hills, A breathe of Freedom, You can hear the heart beat and feel the breathe, Grazing in the grasslands open and wild, Loving the smell and freshness of grass, Moving with grace and dignity, Not resting or […]