Boat of Dreams

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A boat of dreams,

Where all your wishes come true,

One wanted to be a pilot,

The other a sailor in blue,

But there was one other who wanted something,

A wish which was asked by none other,

The wish was to be loved by everyone,

The boat rocked from side to side,

This was one wish that he couldn’t do,

The boat gently answered,

“He said love comes from within,

And should be on one’s own if its true,

If one person loves you among the million,

So be it cherish it forever through and through”

The boat said this and sank to the bottom of the ocean,

For his love was waiting at the end….



A small village had a well,

Old and weathered but a unique one,

Filled with water and stones at the bottom,

The villagers believed it was a lucky well,

Anyone who drew water from it,

Would get all the good luck at once,

The villagers would pray day and night and thank the well,

One morning a villager went to drink water,

He stood shocked water had gone,

He assembled everyone,

The villagers panicked and wondered what went wrong,

Where had all the water gone?

Maybe it dried up with no rains for so long,

Time froze for them,

With the well gone the villagers had no clue how to move on…