The Note

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The message was clear,

No words were spoken,

Written with Ink,

Word by Word,

Line by Line,

It conveyed what needed to be said….


Unveiled Words…

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Sometimes I am in loss of words to write,

My imagination takes me away far,

I bring myself back to the present,

Other times it goes blank and there is nothing to be written,

Expression of thoughts is not easy,

Drawing that mental picture,

Watching that beautifully turn into words,

Then comes the excitement when words just flow,

Writing is like when you paint,

You start with a line,

But at the end the entire picture is unveiled….

True Words

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The truth hurts sometimes,

But those words must be spoken,

It may bring tears and sadness,

But the truth cannot be buried,

Lies cannot flourish,

Speaking your mind at that moment,

Some may understand,

Others may choose to ignore…

A Mind Reader

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He knows what you are thinking,

He has the ability to transmit words and images to someone else’s mind,

He doesn’t say a word,

But yet he reaches out and speaks his mind,

He is the mind reader who can tap into your subconscious,

He understands and makes you see the unknown,

Beware ! Don’t get too close he may just read your mind !”


“Chaos and uncertainty are the enemies of progress”

“Future with no hope is a bleak one”

“Without a sense of belonging a home cannot be a home”

“Love cannot exist where enemies are plenty”

“A smile can bring light into a dark room”

“To move on means to move ahead in life”

Last but not the least “You know who you are when you know yourself better than anyone”