The Fight for Power

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In the fight for power they seek,

They enjoy see others fall,

Cheat and full of deceit,

Games that are played,

Those who dont deserve prevail,

Blindly following the path without questioning,

Doing things and following what’s not right,

Individual sense of being is lost,

Now they follow the crowd,

Mediocrity prevails,

For power is all they seek!!


Getting Nowhere

The constant pressure of our daily lives,

Our jobs which take most of our time,

We wonder if it gives us some satisfaction,

A feeling of accomplishment,

At the end of the day you are too tired even to speak,

Besides the fact that it pays your monthly bills,

You are trapped in the vicious circle,

No matter how hard you to try to get out,

Circumstances pull you back to where you start,

The robotic life may seem exciting to many,

But its following the line of uncertainty,

The work politics can be overbearing,

Where your individualism and your creativity are deep buried…..