Lucky Stars

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The luck she thought she never had,

As she saw others go by,

And she stood in the same place and wondered why?

What was different about them,

Why did they deserve what they got,

When she never saw them even try,

She thought she had no luck at all,

For she tried and tried,

But her hard work never seem to be recognized,

She finally decided to let go,

For she knew where her true passion was,

She knew she was special in her own way,

And she was respected in the world outside,

She continues to reach for the stars as her happiness multiplies…..



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“They live in a bubble,

With no knowledge of the outside world,

No life experience and no struggles,

Engrossed in themselves they seem to think the world revolves around them,

Selfish and self centered are they,

They help no one but themselves,

They are influenced by the bubble they live in”

The New Normal

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From the sound of voices at home,

To the sound of tapping keys,

Faces of people on the screen,

To virtual meetings from around the world,

Greeting each other virtually,

Celebrating occasions virtually,

Having a cup of tea virtually,

Chatting with family and friends virtually,

Discussing a recipe virtually,

A new world begins,

We are now in a virtual world,

Welcome to the “New Normal” where human touch is replaced by a machine….