The Note

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The message was clear,

No words were spoken,

Written with Ink,

Word by Word,

Line by Line,

It conveyed what needed to be said….


I am Back !!

It’s been a really long time since I visited my blog, things have been hectic and a lot of changes around. While I gather my thoughts I am finding it difficult to write but I must make a start now. As the year comes to an end, I want to focus more on my writing next year. it’s like a part of me is missing when I don’t. A new tomorrow , a new beginning…. I am excited to connect back with all of you. Hope all is well at your end. I will see you again in the new year with new thoughts and refreshed.

Happy New Year to you and your family. Best Wishes

A Piece of Paper

I love the way the ink feels on me,

The different colors which beautify me,

I reside in a book,

I am always aware of your thoughts,

You are always beside me,

I help you with all your plans,

Bringing it to perfection,

You discard me a number of times,

I am angry with you for doing so,

But you are the only reason I survive,

After all I am just a Piece of Paper….

The Incomplete…

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With thoughts in my head,

Words were are at a loss,

I begin to write and at some point I stop,

How can all my feelings be expressed I thought,

The deep feelings sometimes cannot be said or expressed,

Instead only felt,

The paper scribbled an incomplete sentence,

The Ink of the pen smudging as lines,

I continue writing but now it doesn’t make any sense,

What I want to say and express,

Is no longer in a clear frame….

Let’s Write..

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“Our thoughts are like the waves that play with the ocean storm

And become calm when the tides are low”

As writers our thoughts are plenty its only when we express them through our writing that it is complete….